It’s All About Me

I started boring my friends and got sick of talking to myself so I started a blog.  Primarily it was because I have thoughts, ideas and visions for Bluff and comments to make on Local Government issues and the dumb statements and decisions made by Council and Board.

Now to protect my myself from Defamation Act charges (which are prevalent these days, LOL) I will reiterate for those that are a bit slow on the uptake.  A blog is the authors OPINION.  Any attempts at defamation charges will be defended by HONEST OPINION.  Some issues I could use TRUTH because once you take the spin and half-truths away, transparency occurs.

So to those I pass judgement on remember technology is just another vehicle to get views and opinions out there.  Maybe the same is being said in letters to the editor, over shop counters and in smoko rooms everywhere.  Some people may just need to harden up.



One Response to “It’s All About Me”

  1. Me May 17, 2017 at 4:24 pm #

    Go back to Kapiti Kylie, you taint the Fowler name in Bluff

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