Bullshit and Jellybeans

6 Dec

Nah, just bullshit, not a jellybean in sight.

It looks like Rangi Pottinger succeeded in getting the EIL ‘error’ out of public excluded.  They acknowledged the mistake and even got the retiring Boniface to make the apology via a letter.  There is, however, another error

The report would have been available if a member of the public had called EIL.

BUT I DID RING!!!  I was even told their end of year was 30 June by a staff member.  Think what you like of me.  I am not an idiot.  I asked.

Did the grossly conflicted Holdco CEO and ICC director of finance and policy forget that he claimed they were allowed extra time under Section 46A (Energy Act, I think)?

I also have the email where I asked for them along with other CCO reports, here is the response.


That would be Holdco CEO and ICC director of finance and policy, Dean Johnston’s assistant tell me ‘not until 1 October’.  Of course, had I rang EIL I would get it (according to the paper).  I reiterate, I DID RING.

I can’t seem to help myself…I responded to that email with my usual self-righteous rant whilst up on my high horse.  Yes, I know, I have issues, it takes all kinds…lol.


I even specifically pointed out EIL in that email.  Here is the response.


I am actually even angrier now after reading Johnston’s comments in the paper and reflecting back on those emails.

“The thing Holdco didn’t do was it didn’t actually get onto the EIL website to make sure it was publicly available there too. 

“That’s where Holdco trusted its EIL directors, that they would comply with that as well.” 

But, Mr Holdco CEO, I requested them from your PA and got nada.  The EIL website was not the issue, you were not providing them – on the 1st of September.

I still call BULLSHIT.




2 Responses to “Bullshit and Jellybeans”

  1. Phil T December 7, 2016 at 8:22 am #

    Mostly down to the incestuous position the council finance man has across far to much of this murky business or businesses. He should be the one representing the council and demanding proper financial reporting and performance from any company owned by the council but by being in the middle well over his gumboots in order to make a few dollars on the side he sees it more important to make excuses and protect his role. Way below what should be expected of someone in his role that for sure.
    The public have a right to integrity and clarity in all council functions but this disgraceful culture of self interest has clouded the waters for far to long.
    Certainly not seeing much in the way of performance from any of these companies apart from IEL which can alters its profit up and down with a simple change of the prices of electricity to the consumer.
    Its an unhealthy distraction from the business council should be getting on with

  2. RodT December 15, 2016 at 5:24 pm #

    Fact of the matter is that every council company has failed in the same regard.

    Any wonder ICHL won’t take action with EIL when they are in the same boat.

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