Quick, Close The Curtains

2 Dec

I am a cynic skeptic.  When I see this in the Public Excluded Finance and Policy agenda


I smell a rat.  This issue was raised under Urgent Business by Pottinger at the 6 September Finance and Policy meeting.


Don’t forget that Boniface was a director on EIL and Chair of F&P that oversees Holdco’s role.  He knew what this was about.  He asked me on September 3 if I got ‘my Annual Report’.  He knew Pottinger and I had both been chasing it up.


Obviously, I am the ‘member of the public’.  After trying to get the document, I told Pottinger of my difficulty.  They had me quite confused!  I was reading the Statement Of Intent, the Constitution, legislation and getting different dates.  I rang the Powernet/EIL offices and was told their end of year was 30 June but documents told me differently.  Pottinger, in following up for me, relayed that there was legislation that allowed them extra time.  That turned out to be wrong information from the council staff member.


So the end result was that an explanation will be provided.  Why is that explanation coming to the table in Public Excluded, though?  I hope it is contested and remains in the public arena.  How can the problem be raised in public and the response be in public excluded?   It looks like a cover-up of their ongoing ineptness.  And what negotiations can there be?  You don’t negotiate legislation and your compliance.

This, of course, raises another issue.  Who gets to vote on this?









3 Responses to “Quick, Close The Curtains”

  1. RodT December 2, 2016 at 8:07 pm #

    Clearly there are issues which ICC would prefer be hidden from public view.

    Those of us who were aware of this are awaiting the outcome, to be honest while EIL failed to comply with it’s own reporting requirements, it goes a little further, ICHL as the holding company has a duty to ensure that it’s subsidiaries are complying with their SOI’s and Constitutions.

    In this instance ICHL have failed to ensure EIL has complied with it’s constitution, putting both Boards in a bad light, both Boards who at the time had a number of Councillor Directors, who we have been told are a good thing as they provide oversight for the council/ratepayer, however in this instance the only oversight was the wrong type.

    I for one hope this gets dragged into the public section as there is absolutely no justifiable reason to have it excluded, it was raised by the public, in public and as you rightly point out has nothing to do with negotiations. I’ve been waiting to see if my view above is correct, so hopefully it gets pulled back in.

    It is well past time that something was done about the continual attempts to exclude things from the public.

  2. Phil T December 2, 2016 at 8:41 pm #

    Certainly have to wonder at why it needs to be public excluded when the discussion is about public documents and reporting. There is no commercial sensitivity about annual accounts. This is just to cover up the general ineptitude these companies seem to operate under and that comes back to directors who don’t understand their roles.
    You would wonder at why Boniface would refer it to King as it should have nothing to do with him. Councils role should be to receive the accounts, not to be involved in generating them.

    • RodT December 2, 2016 at 11:13 pm #

      I would say referred to RK as he is the administrative officer of council, eg he could place it on the next Council agenda, I read that as a referral of the matter to be heard, although it never got that far as they heard it anyway.

      You’ll note from those previous minutes that it wasn’t just EIL, it was a clear “ICHL monitor the performance of subs” so a clear indication that ICHL weren’t performing, So it will be interesting to see how this goes, given 3 of the Committee are ICHL Directors, and 1 is a Director of a Sub.

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