Aim, Fire…Miss

19 Sep

Sadly, the article regarding directors on CCO’s missed its target.  Not only was Powernet missed out altogether, the conflict issue was not really dealt with.

And it has not been candidates asking

For weeks city council candidates have demanded the remuneration current Invercargill City Councillors receive for council-controlled organisation directorships.  

Any candidate with any knowledge what local government is knows exactly where and how to get the info.  Incredibly, some candidates claimed to not knowing that councillors were paid as councillors.

Given, it is election time there is unlimited misinformation being said.  Multiple first-time candidates and an incumbent councillor have claimed that ‘we need council represented at the board table’ or similar.  The Companies Act and the company’s constitution does not allow that.  When you sit on a board you represent the needs of that company or organisation.  You cannot be a board member and serve a different organisation’s needs, hence the CONFLICT.

Sycamore should also be pulled up on the fact that he serves on Holdco (for $30,300) and its subsidiary Invercargill City Property (another $15,240).  Electricity Invercargill has the same situation with Boniface and Ludlow paid AGAIN to serve on subsidiary Powernet.

Someone should also tell Sycamore that Venture Southland tried to become a company and submissions did not support it.  It is NOT a CCO, it is a joint committee.


One Response to “Aim, Fire…Miss”

  1. Phil T September 19, 2016 at 6:26 pm #

    A pity they never got it right as it is the biggest reason our present council is so dysfunctional. Councillors should have one focus and that’s the direction and governance of the city. For anyone to think people with no business experience of their own would make suitable directors is amazing.

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