More Golf At Queens Park

2 Sep

I am happy to see a very good proposal in the Infrastructure agenda from Disc Golf South.

They lay out three courses in Invercargill for various levels of play.


The recommendation includes a statement that the club fund it themselves – totally agree.  They are focussing on the family-friendly Queens Park one at present.  The $25K figure is not excessive in the scheme of things.  I would expect $3-$5K as a realistic figure from the Active Communities Funding Scheme.  We are so blessed in Southland to have CTOS and ILT and ILT Foundation (my family in Wellington are very jealous).  I would hope for at least $10K from them collectively.  Maybe $1,000 from Sport Southland (Kiwisport – priority #4).   There are many options, Lotteries Commission (time restrictive though), NZCT…Give-A-Little, maybe NRG would help out.  The possibilities are endless.

I am a big believer in groups funding a portion of their project.  I would possibly even put my hand up to help if they want it.  The demographics of Disc Golf are varied and that is why I think it is a great addition to the community.  I look forward to seeing how council treat this.



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