Where Is That Meeting?

31 Aug

Oral submissions on the Local Government Amendment Bill are tomorrow according to the Select Committee’s facebook


They are doing Wellington submissions in the morning and Christchurch in the afternoon


Should we be concerned that Invercargill City Council’s own press release claims they are flying to Wellington to present to the Select Committee at 3pm?  The Select Committee will be in Christchurch by then.  Houston, we have a problem.


UPDATE:  It seems ICC have realised (or been informed) that they made an error


I do wonder, did they just change a website entry or did they have to book new tickets?





One Response to “Where Is That Meeting?”

  1. Phil T September 1, 2016 at 11:09 am #

    Houston would have had a problem if they had operated like the ICC. Why does it take a delegation to give a submission?
    The rocket would never have lifted off for the moon if they had of decided they needed to land a whole delegation rather than just the man on the moon. Be interested to see the actual numbers but another example of little respect for the way public funds are spent. No doubt in the big picture a minor amount but many minor amounts make the big amount

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