Can’t Fail To Meet Target

20 Aug

This annoys the hell out of me.


How could they even fail to meet their target?  They did 23 famils the previous year yet their target remains at 8? They could do less work and still meet their target.

98 tourism businesses last year.  Target set at over 25.  It is great that things look to be improving but without knowing what ‘using Venture Southland services’ is, it is an irrelevant piece of information.  Is a business that pays to display a rack card at the i-Site counted?  Is an event that advertises in the ‘What’s On Southland’ event calendar counted?  If either of those are counted then this 105 businesses is an epic fail.

I don’t oppose VS in principle but inane targets and info like this provide very little to tell us what is going on and if the $ we give to VS is too much, not enough, or providing any return.

And what does facilitated mean, in this context?  Is that get together a meeting?  Does it require an outcome?  Am I reading that correctly, of the 12 investment opportunities facilitated are 6 the same project?  Wouldn’t that be one investment opportunity?  After reading that I have more questions than answers.





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