Extraordinary But Not Unknown

19 Aug

I don’t know why the meeting is deemed extraordinary given each year this document comes to council but, here it is, a summation of ‘how we did’.

First up, why are there no headings?  I would have to read the little graphs to work out what division was being outlined.  Here is an example (nb; this is the entire page on that issue)


Must be Building Consents.  Nice big white empty space at the top for a heading….here’s hoping headings will be added.

Here are some of the bits I snipped as I read through it last night.


The red X is from me.  A target of 100% is deemed as Achieved with 96.25%.  While they may have been setting their hopes too high, at 96.25% it has NOT been achieved.

Maybe one day I will outline how my visit to Council, after hearing about their new award, to view a property file went.


I hope the one full-time and one part-time position didn’t use up the whole $500K..lol.  20 years later…..but they got an award for this remember.  I think that is a job I would enjoy.

The Fire Service obviously need to sort their sh&% out


Well done to the Council staff.  Might need to take ‘by NZFS’ out of that measure


This is questionable


And what is the difference between an Eco-advisor and an education officer that teaches best environmental practices?


Isn’t maintaining an on-site effluent disposal system the business owners responsibility and probably a resource consent issue?  A bit too much hand-holding going on.

An interesting read.

Pretty amazing that you can start off having a variance of $10.5M (under budget)


and end up only officially having $60K left over.


I am curious about the Water amount, though.  $5M variance and only $3.5M carry over.  I hope it has come from savings.







One Response to “Extraordinary But Not Unknown”

  1. Kylie August 20, 2016 at 12:42 pm #

    Someone called and pointed out the $3.5m plus another entry for Water Tower strengthening and activated carbon adds up to $5m. That’s all good. That said, I was more concerned over why the money wasn’t used? Did they defer it? If yes, then why?

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