Nominees As Of Wednesday

10 Aug

A name that I had not heard of has appeared today along with a few names we all know.

25 lodged so far

(I) = Incumbent
(L) = Lodged

Abbott, L (I,L)
Amundsen, R (I,L)
Arnold, A (L)
Arnold, K (I,L)
Biddle, T (L)
Boniface, N  (I,L)
Chernishov, S (L)
Crackett, A (L)
Dennis, A (I)
Dow, L (L)
Esler, L (I,L)
Fowler, K
Fraser, B (L)
Halligan, R (L)
Heenan, C (L)
Kennedy, D (L)
Kett, P (I,L)
Lewis, G (I,L)
Ludlow, D (I)
McEwan, W (L)
Pottinger, I (I, L)
Rohan, D (L)
Soper, L (L)
Surendran, R
Sycamore, G (I,L)
Thomas, L (I, L)
Thomas, N (L)
Tribe, R (L)
Turnbull, J (L)

That leaves me, Ludlow, and Surendran to lodge their papers.  We may get one or two that we didn’t know about too.

So far we have 28 candidates for 12 positions.


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