I Agree With The Editor

10 Aug

Please, not a statue of Cargill.  To me, he looks to be the ‘old boys network’ of days gone by.  I would have belonged to ‘Little Enemy’ if I were alive then (probably would have had to be male, though).  I totally agree with the editor’s comments.

Alex Lithgow is not one I would support either.  He left at 24 and found his real fame.  He lived and died and is revered in Launceston, Tasmania.

I thought I’d put a list together.  Here are a few ideas.  I will use a strikethrough if they are still alive.

This is from a transcriber that is well known to genealogists (it is amazing how much information she has added to the www.)

Peter Arnett – NBC war correspondent

Oliver Bulleid – Railway locomotive designer and Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Southern Railway (Great Britain), born in Invercargill in 1882

Johnnie Checketts – Silver Star, Wingco and Spitfire Ace

Bill Crawford-Crompton – Silver Star, Air Vice Marshal and WW2 Commander and Ace

Geoffrey Cox Rhodes Scholar, Chief Intelligence Officer to General Freyberg in WWII, founded Britain’s pioneering News at Ten on ITN.

Marton Csokas – actor

Dan Davin – author, editor

Corey Flynn – All Black

Ernest Godward – inventor of the spiral hairpin and the petrol economiser

Dene Halatau – West Tigers Utility in the NRL

Joseph Hatch – businessman, oil factor

Brigadier James Hargest; CBE, DSO & 2 bars, MC, ED, MP – New Zealand chief military officer for Southland and politician

Rowena Jackson – Royal Ballet prima ballerina

Jason Kerrison – Opshop singer/songwriter

Chris Knox – infamous (in NZ) alternative rock musician

Alex Lithgow – composer, musician, conductor

Bill Manhire – inaugural NZ poet laureate

Khan Manuel – Guitarist/Composer

Herbert James “Burt” Munro – inventor, motorcycle enthusiast, racer and under-1000 cc land speed record holder

Mils Muliaina – All Black

Harry Norris – A music director of the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company

Anton Oliver – All Black

Herbert Pither – aviation legend of Southland,

Suzanne Prentice – musician

Boyce Richardson – journalist, author, filmmaker

Lesley Rumball – Former Silver Ferns Captain

Victor Spencer – last soldier to be executed in World War I, pardoned in 2005

Garfield Todd – Prime Minister of Rhodesia

Jeremy Waldron – prominent legal and political philosopher

Joseph Ward – Prime Minister of New Zealand

Jeff Wilson – All Black and Black Cap (“Double All Black”)

Bob Yule – WWII fighter pilot

These are the suggestions from the article

Tim Shadbolt – politician

William Cargill – Superintendent of Otago.  Invercargill named after him.

Alex Lithgow – composer (Invercargill March)

Any other suggestions?  Which living people have I missed a strikethrough on?

I am rather impressed with the early years of Joseph Hatch.  Among MANY other things, he dispatched the Awarua that ended up finding the Auckland Island castaways.  I hate that it was because of sealing, but that was how it was back then.  After his sneaky sealing venture, though, public opinion was against him.  I didn’t even know ‘penguin oil’ was a thing!  😦





3 Responses to “I Agree With The Editor”

  1. Phil T August 10, 2016 at 12:09 pm #

    Hargest is recognised by the school. Burt has his statue and fair enough. Was lucky enough to meet Johnnie Checketts a couple of years before he passed away and he was a lovely unassuming man. He talked about many things and was the first person to fly a jet over Invercargill back in the 50’s. Apparently lower than the old hospital building on Dee St. It was a cloudy day when he arrived down to do a pass over the city in line with the airport runway and couldn’t find a way through the clouds so flew south and then north finding a hole our over Makarewa. He knew the city well so in his words popped through the clouds and found North Road and lined up for a run straight down Dee St. The cloud forced him lower and lower and he knew there were dignitaries on the hospital building so stayed low until he went past then pulled the plane up and climbed back into clear air. Someone took a photo just as he pulled the nose up about where E Hayes is and you would see the top of the winds which gives an optical illusion that the plane was lower than the three storied building people were on. He grinned when I asked how that could be and said. I have stuck to that story for over 50 years son. He is deserving of recognition of some sort as a Southlander who did great things and risked his life doing so.

    • Kylie August 10, 2016 at 12:16 pm #

      Definitely should be in the running then.

  2. Kylie August 10, 2016 at 12:29 pm #

    I do wonder if they are considering events/movements too. The statue that appeared in Wellington was representing an event in history rather than a person as such. Everyone assumed it is Archibald Baxter but it was more about conscientious objectors.


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