Updated Nominees

6 Aug

A quick update

(I) = Incumbent
(L) = Lodged

Abbott, L (I,L)
Amundsen, R (I,L)
Arnold, A
Arnold, K (I)
Biddle, T
Boniface, N  (I)
Crackett, A (L)
Chernishov, S
Dennis, A (I)
Dow, L
Esler, L (I)
Fowler, K
Heenan, C (L)
Halligan, R (L)
Kennedy, D (L)
Kett, P (I)
Lewis, G (I)
Ludlow, D (I)
McEwan, W (L)
Pottinger, I (I)
Rohan, D (L)
Soper, L
Surendan, N
Sycamore, G (I)
Thomas, L (I)
Thomas, N (L)
Tribe, R (L)
Turnbull, J (L) – The newspaper list has Michael Turnbull but, I assume his first name is actually his middle name (like mine).  Will be able to confirm when ICC’s website is updated.

Nice heading Southland Times…



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