Council’s Response To My Request

3 Aug

As my previous post said, I asked for a copy of the submission Council put in. Submissions have closed.  Once collated by the Select Committee they will be made public.  ICC have asked us to support them.  ICC are going to use that ‘support’ in their verbal submission.  They ran a full-page ad in the paper.  They will fly to Wellington to give a verbal submission.  I cannot afford either of those options.  All I wanted was to see what my council were submitting.  If their submission does show what clauses FORCE amalgamation, I would happily support that view.  I would restate some information, in lieu of a verbal submission, to the Select Committee.  My support is obviously not wanted unless it supports the full-page ad information.  And we wonder why the Council isn’t trusted or respected…..?:-(

Here is the response I got


I responded (I contained myself and stuck to the facts…next step?)

LGNZ have published theirs online.  Council have asked the public for their support.
Please pass on that I am very disappointed with this response.

Like anyone will care that I am disappointed.  King may be the one who decides but I wonder if any elected members think that is the right response.


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