1 Aug

STL published my letter.  Yay!  Also in today’s letters to the editor was one from Dave Rohan.  I always enjoy his letters.   Should I assume he is running again?

At present, we have four confirmed (have lodged their papers).  Here is my list to date of who else has declared they will run.  I will go with the voting paper method – alphabetically.  I will also incorporate current elected members but use a strikethrough if we find out they are not running again but go with the assumption they will be ATM.

Abbott, L
Amundsen, R
Arnold, A
Arnold, K
Biddle, T
Boniface, N
Crackett, A
Dennis, A
Dow, L
Esler, L
Fowler, K
Heenan, C
Kett, P
Lewis, G
Ludlow, D
McEwan, W
Pottinger, I
Soper, L
Surendan, N
Sycamore, G
Thomas, L
Thomas, N
Tribe, R
Turnbull, J
Any additions or amendments?


One Response to “Published”

  1. Phil T August 1, 2016 at 10:34 am #

    The headline was so misleading. South unites behind? Gary Tong said no, Hicks says yes is that united. Two good letters in the public opinion and nether supporting. United behind? Would hate to me the Mayor jumping out of the trenches expecting the united south to be hot on my heels

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