With Whom?

15 Jul

I am curious to know who ICC are negotiating with?


The public interest should outweigh the reasons to be in public excluded I would have thought.

It is important to remember the quote I have in the header of this blog.

“Confidentiality is not a convenience by which a local authority avoids scrutiny”.


The statement is from one of the Ombudsman’s guides.  This has to be one of the main reasons I ran for Council in 2013.  I support redacting information.  For example, why should a twelve-page report be in public excluded just because it has a $ figure they don’t want public?  Adobe has a nice little feature known as Redact.  If elected this time around I will support redacting information rather than just closing the doors.

Meanwhile, who are the Invercargill City Council negotiating with?

My thoughts on the future of the building is simplistic.  I’m sure it is not perfect and it is purely an outsider’s view, but I don’t support King’s view that the earthquake strengthening needs to wait for a) SoRDS or b) the future use of the building.  Currently, I don’t support the view that we need to do the strengthening but, of course, I have limited information.  ICC have limited information too, though, don’t they?  Firstly, another EQ assessment should be done.  It is my hope that the doors can then be opened just like the Salvation Army house on Leven Street.  King (a.k.a Chicken Little) did not even get a second opinion before deciding to close it for two years +.  One would hope that the Invercargill Public Art Gallery (as custodians of the collection) support the appropriate art from the Invercargill collection to remain in Anderson’s House.  Beg, borrow and steal furniture for the home to make it look era-appropriate.  It looks like the Southland Museum and Art Gallery have some pieces.  Here’s hoping they can use some of the stuff from the Victoriana display.  How long has that display been there?  Using a mix of staff and volunteers (like many museums do) they could reopen the venue.  While typing this, I am wondering why it can’t just be taken in under the wing of the Southland Museum and Art Gallery?

Why does it have to be so difficult?




One Response to “With Whom?”

  1. Realist July 15, 2016 at 7:41 pm #

    have a read of the SOI’s in the Finance and policy agenda and the agenda itself, PE items look interesting

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