So Dumb, They Make My Brain Hurt

5 Jul

I doubt I am the only one shaking my head over the Council weighs in on Anderson House article.  Weighs in?  Looked to me like King was standing in the wings saying, ‘we’ll just see what SoRD’s want to do’.  I know he is the CEO and is supposed to implement council decisions, but didn’t they already decide by resolution to earthquake strengthen?

The Southland Museum And Art Gallery has been publicly called an earthquake and fire risk but it is still open.  The Salvation Army house was found to be safe to use again after another engineer’s report was done.  Maybe King should harden up and get another report done.  Put up an EPB notice to inform people that it has been assessed at ___% and reopen the doors.  Half the buildings in Invercargill probably won’t have very good earthquake rating but because they haven’t had an assessment done we continue to use them.

I would like to know what legislation King is referring to when he says that when earthquake strengthening the property they must put in paraplegic toilets and disability access.  Are there public toilets actually in Anderson’s House?  I always use the ones by the cricket pavilion.

ICC earthquake strengthened the Bluff Service Centre.  Did they put in paraplegic toilets there?

There are way too many failings in this ‘decision’.




2 Responses to “So Dumb, They Make My Brain Hurt”

  1. Realist July 5, 2016 at 11:04 am #

    The Fish and Chippers reporters seem to lack any real drive towards a story as well.

    The first port of call for them after the fluff and garbage should have been to contact Tom to see just what the house has to do with the work SoRDS are doing, the answer will be little to none as it is a public asset and regardless of any SoRDS initiatives, local authorities will still be charged with dealing on the whole with their own assets. This is simply stall and fluff from Mr King, nothing less.

    Unfortunately being open to the public will trigger, upon any consents being sought/issued, the need for accessible facilities (toilets), and egress (fire safety items), however these should not be an impediment to getting in and getting the job done and getting the building open.

  2. Phil T July 5, 2016 at 12:21 pm #

    Cant agree more. I think King just makes some noise now and again so that the council remembers to pay him.
    The whole episode is a disgrace and council should front up and explain why they are denying the public access to a building that was gifted to the city for people to enjoy. It has stood for over 100 years and will continue to stand for the next 100 if they don’t let maintenance slide. SoRDS is not a decision making body, it is there to come up with a strategy and from that will flow actions. If you travel up through the earthquake areas of California and Oregon you will see many heritage buildings with a simple sign at the entrance explaining the miniscule risk of entering. But down here all they can do is bury their heads in the sand and decide that doing nothing is better than actually using some brainpower.
    There are things that will need looking at if a consent for work is issued but the council has a lot of room to move and look at acceptable options. The house will never be fully accessible and I am sure people will understand that. It is a historic house and that should be the basis for any work to be done. If the nearby toilets are accessible they should be OK. A ramp for the entranceway is not a big issue and I am sure the house has had extensive work done to meet fire requirements.
    People die every year on Southland roads and we don’t close every road. Being alive is risky, to much sun, to little sun, to much food, to little food, it is a constant balancing act.
    The problem in the south is just simply lack of leadership, simple as that. Someone who will stand up for common sense and look for solutions and stop this procrastination from staff who are extremely well paid to make Invercargill a better place to live but can only ever make excuses and find problems.

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