Whatever We Decide

21 Jun

So the Bluff boat ramp resolution meant diddly squat.

This resolution:


Is intended to be far more than ‘renew the Bluff Foreshore Boat Ramp’.  Here is the response from Council about the decision.

Hi Kylie

 Bluff Boat Ramp

 The project is yet to be fully scoped, the allocation of $500,000 in the 2016/17 annual plan allows us to commence this process and signals an indication of construction costs.

 It is anticipated that after consultation with key stakeholders a more defined scope will be available. 

Options to be considered will have to include

– the possibility of reconstruction of parts of the ramp to allow for all tides access,

-decisions on the number of ramps provided,

-removal of existing jetties where they are unsafe and

-construction of new facilities (which should also consider access for the disabled) and could be floating instead of fixed.

 Related issues to be addressed are

-the provision of car and trailer parks,

-provision of controlled access methods if required and

-proposals for cost recovery from users.

 Once these issues are better understood and fully costed, the project will be returned to Council for a decision before proceeding further.

 At this stage no loan repayments are budgeted in the coming year, but future repayments could be via a cost recovery, direct rates charge or reallocation of existing budgets.

 Kind regards


The jetty ownership is known and I would hope the owners of the unsafe structures be made to take it down themselves.  Looks like Council are going to develop someone else’s land.


2 Responses to “Whatever We Decide”

  1. David Henigan June 27, 2016 at 2:56 pm #

    Maybe I have got this wrong, but as far as I know the Slipway, now the Ramp, was the property of the former Southland Harbour Board and as such was gifted when Southport was launched about 1989 after Board dissolution, However, if this was and still is the case, it would be an example of the tunnel vision of this organisation whose owners,( the people of Southland per District Council ) do not occupy a seat on their own Board, thus avoiding an opportunity to exercise the same level of control as does Central Government, — with this , an overlooked or ignored sense of moral duty in not pulling the jetty down themselves if it is as unsafe as we have been told.. Local Body elections are forthcoming and, perhaps we should be a little more vocal at the hustings and prior to concerning this matter .

    Regards David Henigan

    • Kylie June 29, 2016 at 10:32 pm #

      During verbal submissions, it did come up that it was the slipway in years gone by. They will be having ‘stakeholder’ meetings.

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