What Is Wrong With This Picture?

20 Jun

Well, the Events Committee agenda is out.  Within the minutes of the 28 April meeting is this;

what is wrong

Seemingly, there is no ‘urgent business’ according to item five.  Item 6 (d) tells us differently.

Why is it so difficult for ICC to get this right?  Southland District Council include this in the agenda of their meetings;


It reminds every one of the processes.  It is at the start of the meeting.  It is when the item is raised by members and it is then allocated time later in the meeting if a resolution to accept the item is passed.

Invercargill City Council does not even offer it lip service.  They have ignored the need for a resolution.  They have not even noted in item 5 that there is ‘urgent business’ and it is to be discussed in public excluded.  If this had been a bigger agenda it would have been less obvious.  Due to them being on the same page it was obvious.

Compliance with legislation is not a choice.  King and councillors need to do better.  Let’s not forget the obligations under the LGOIMA for an item in public excluded either;


I doubt ‘Urgent Business’ would suffice as a subject.

Nb: The agenda was changed after someone (not me) highlighted an event template shouldn’t be in PE; then again should any of it?  Here’s the new one.




One Response to “What Is Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. Realist June 20, 2016 at 1:32 pm #

    That’s just a start, this months even worse, the financials paint a bleak picture for the next committee to contend with if they are correct, although I’d expect some Juggling to occur especially with the Surf to City based on;

    The $20,000 sponsorship would come from the council’s events fund,” Ludlow said.

    “Next year we’ll look at putting it into the iconic events fund.”

    That is ex an article in the STL for the Surf to City event, yet the financials show it in Iconic already, the Terms of Reference for Iconic are even more stringent than Creation/Promotion so doubtful the event hits the criteria for the Iconic as it is currently worded (great event, but potentially doesn’t fit “criteria”)

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