Expensive Concrete

10 Jun

It seems the ‘Bluff Boat Ramp’ is expected to cost $500K.  It is an added after submissions item and will be loan funded.


No it will not impact rates this fiscal year.  It will however impact future rates.  I wonder what else can you add this way?

We all know that ICC consider the reserves that have been built up over the years are theirs to do with whatever they want – The Chinese Garden is an obvious example.  I’m surprised the Kakaporium was not built under this ‘arrangement’.  If they were on to it they could over-rate us constantly and get everything they want with no pesky resident input. I digress.


I am not suggesting the work on the boat ramp should not be done.  I am questioning the process.  Will the actual boat ramp cost $500K to ‘renew’?  The resolution was to ‘renew the boat ramp’.  I heard the discussion when the Bluff Yacht Club spoke (it is a stretch to claim the community board submission impacted the decision).  The $500K figure came up when discussing the whole area having work done on it (out of the mouth of Richard King).  That figure included the roading at the top for manoeuvring and possibly even jetties and the like.  Actual finer details were not given but it was the ‘full monty’ price tag.

If it is ‘full monty’ then the resolution is not ‘fit for purpose’.  The yacht club talked about their discussion with South Port.  South Port seemingly acknowledged ownership of a jetty and closed it due to safety.  Are ICC now suggesting they will be repairing or replacing something that belongs to someone else?  That will create an interesting precedence.  A council that approves a vague half mill proves themselves to be talking heads (granted, we see some of their bodies) and not much more.


One Response to “Expensive Concrete”

  1. Kylie June 10, 2016 at 12:00 pm #

    One of the information requests I mentioned yesterday is in relation to this. I look forward to the response.

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