Can’t Please All Of The People….

25 May

Some negative responses which is understandable.  Had the people that traveled from far afield been turned away, they would have complained.   Ticket numbers LIMITED even more for next year so I remind the locals GET YOUR TICKET.  We have made it as easy as possible yet still the week of the festival we get Bluffies moaning that we didn’t keep some for them.  Seriously people!  We have made it so you can buy a ticket in Bluff (without booking fees).  You’re welcome!  You can also buy them on Trade Me and I will deliver them!!

We do the best we can and from time to time we don’t get it right.  We adapt and change as best we can to remedy any issues.  Sometimes, on the day, one person might makes a decision that has ramifications and we all have to live with that (and apologise).  Tables placed in the wrong place by one ‘helpful’ person can be a gamechanger.  If someone doesn’t turn up or doesn’t step up it puts the strain on others.  Managing volunteers is far trickier than employees.   A cross we must bear…lol.  I personally would like to see the food stalls back us on this publicly.  I saw food being served by Food@Clifton as I left at 5.30 but I never get a chance to wander and observe throughout the day.   We provide the venue, infrastructure and entertainment.  I am confident that the food stalls were well informed of the sort of numbers we expected.  I am not putting any blame on them.  Cold weather makes them eat more, warm weather makes them drink more.  It is a balancing act for all involved.  I would like to the stalls weigh in and support us.  Personally I laud them because they do an amazing job to serve so many people.  I never hear negative comments about the quality of the food so they must do an excellent job!

4 Responses to “Can’t Please All Of The People….”

  1. Phil T May 25, 2016 at 9:20 pm #

    Most the feedback we had was positive. Some thought the layout didn’t help move the people through and get them out of the way of those behind and we had the usual” its to expensive”.
    Was surprised the times could run such a big letter, normally they are all about keeping them short but nothing like a bit of negativity to make them sharpen their pencils.
    The event is huge for Invercargill and comes at a time when nothing else much is happening.
    The committee has done a great job after all the stuff ups of others who wanted to take it over and my only comment would be to make it a two day event. It is an iconic event and is dragging people along and be good to see the times do the other story on just how much it contributes to the southern region

    • Kylie May 25, 2016 at 9:29 pm #

      The layout issue was, in part, a ‘helpful’ person setting up tables in what was to be a thoroughfare but was not identified until too late. Lesson learned there. Volunteers are already stretched to the limit as a one day event and it became watered down when VS did it as a two day event. We’ve already limited numbers so everyone better get tickets or quite possibly miss out next time. The venue could serve for other events so maybe something may evolve….hey, great base camp for a yacht race!!! LOL

    • Realist May 25, 2016 at 9:41 pm #

      Problem with a 2 day event would be accommodation, I’ve heard a few mention 2 days as an option but it would take some planning and prep and then people would need somewhere to stay.

      Stall holders this year i think were a bit stunned, some based their prep on last year which was quite busy, but this year just took off beyond some expectations so i think a few will be planning on having more for next year.

      The weather held up well for the Saturday, turned to custard on the Sunday so timing for a 2 day event may need to be earlier during more settled weather, or something else could be planned for the following day in invercargill to make a 2 day, 2 location weekend in the south.

      Overall it was a really good day

      • Kylie May 25, 2016 at 9:48 pm #

        Accommodation would be a logistical nightmare and we’d be wanting them shoved out the door and not enjoy anymore of Sthland. I personally prefer to take money from outsiders and therefore think the one day flights are a great option. The flights are not ideal for the wider region and businesses that benefit from the festival but if they are all full etc then the flights just provide some new money to the region (via us;-) AirNZ need to be on board earlier but I would like to see another Akld one (or two) and maybe a Chch one.

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