Too True

18 Dec

As always, a great letter from Mr Clark





2 Responses to “Too True”

  1. Phil T December 18, 2015 at 8:44 am #

    Good to see someone do the sums in a pragmatic way. The big issue is a council that cant engage with the community and thinks the only option is digging into the ratepayer purse. Its just to easy and there is not enough scrutiny of where this money is going. Same for the 500K to the Highlanders. Its knee jerk and as Knobby points out there is no need when someone is paying $400 to think they need council subsidy.
    The Ketts and Ludlows of the world want to be rubbing shoulders with the Duco and AtoB people for their own feelings of grandeur and the only chance they will have is using someone else’s money.
    There are many business people and businesses around the south who want to get behind high profile events but don’t want to be associated with council clowns so their only option is for the three stooges to put their hats on and sit in a corner waiting for some flash of brilliance to come their way. Hopefully by way of the ballot box

  2. Realist December 18, 2015 at 10:13 am #

    The reality of this however is far from how Knobby portrays it.

    This is not subsidizing Nigella, it is poking funds into the Stadium (eg Skelts mob), Duco have stated they had noting to do with the application so the entire funding is simply a stadium rort on the dithering events committee.

    If the ICC didn’t throw money at it, the ticket prices would not alter, they would stay the same.

    While I have little time for the farce that is the Events committee, I do have to correct one point in the piece, Kett actually voted against throwing the $15K to SMC for the A2B fiasco, it was Ludlow and Shadbolt that got that over the line with Kett voting against.

    However the general gist is correct, if you look at how Curly, Larry and Moe have operated the Events Committee over the last term you’ll find no consistency and many areas of poor decision making.

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