Invercargill City Forests Ltd Snippets

16 Dec

Bits that I found ‘interesting’




Look at the comparison to last year


Bit of a jump here too




One Response to “Invercargill City Forests Ltd Snippets”

  1. Phil T December 16, 2015 at 5:39 pm #

    It is interesting reading alright. No where in the private sector would you ever find the same example of directors taking more from a business bottom line than goes out in wages. Or even anywhere near the % of fees going to directors based on turnover. The scary think about the accounts is so much is around revaluations rather than actual cash flow which means a lot of dollars at risk of changes on paper.
    Would also be interested to know how much time the so called Manager has to put in to earn $73K and how much does the council save when he is on those non council duties.
    It is symptomatic of the scramble to gouge as much out of these organizations as possible for not a single dollar of personal investment and in the future we will look back on this behavior with embarrassment. But until the public pull their heads from the sand and say enough is enough we will continue to see these publicly owned companies being used as private fiefdoms for personal gain.

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