Events Committee Shenanigans

2 Dec

When only three people form a committee there is the opportunity for things to be passed and approved very easily.   Recent media regarding the naming rights of the event previously known as the BNZ Surf To City has made me wonder if only one person is making the decisions (without even worrying about a meeting).  If the collective did make the decision, I don’t understand where and when.

The press release (published by The Southland Times without further questioning it seems) from Invercargill City Council says this:

The ICC’s Events Committee will provide $20,000 from its Events Fund towards the Surf to City, which will be held on Sunday, 13 March 2016. 

The press release was 1 December.   There was a Finance and Policy meeting on 1 December and this was declared as public excluded.

f and p

The Event Committee meeting isn’t until 10 December and they are the ones with the delegated authority on the Event Fund so Finance and Policy can’t approve it (if that was it – timing was suspicious).

I have asked ICC on facebook how this came about.  Richard King is going to respond I’m told.  That will be an interesting response because I cannot find any way in which this could be done legitimately.  It reiterates my belief that the Local Government and Official Information and Meetings Act is not created by bureaucrats.  It has evolved from years of consultation and feedback and the knowledge of what happens when processes are not in place.  Non compliance denies the involvement and input of communities.

I need to start a list of infractions.  It is well past due that the Ombudsmen and Auditor General have information fed to them so they can see the ongoing issues and what results (how much money approved improperly).


6 Responses to “Events Committee Shenanigans”

  1. Phil T December 2, 2015 at 9:31 pm #

    Certainly does seem to show a distain for good process alright. I don’t think they care too much and it seems individual councillors are getting into campaign mode by grabbing headlines with their contribution( with our money) to popular events.
    I think this will be the start of the rush. Tho no one will be taking credit for the xmas lights that will turn be turned on by the Easter Bunny.

  2. Realist December 2, 2015 at 9:39 pm #

    What is even more interesting is Wai Tri applied for funding some time back, with naming rights. (Basically a similar type event, with just as much good etc)
    It was kicked to touch for 2 reasons,

    1 it didn’t meet the criteria for funding (note nothing has changed in that regard)

    2 It was stated twice that the fund was not there for Naming rights, that was Reiterated within minutes.

    Given the Surf to City and Wai Tri are similar events, it only stands to reason that the same applies and the Surf to City will not meet the criteria.

    • Kylie December 2, 2015 at 10:28 pm #

      I will dig copies out for Mr Ludlow and King etc lol

      • Realist December 2, 2015 at 10:35 pm #

        2. APPLICATION

        (a) Sport Southland – ‘2014 Invercargill City Council Wai Tri’ – Sunday, 2 March 2014

        An application had been circulated to the Assessment Committee for its consideration. Comments made included:

         The applicant is asking for $13,000 which includes naming rights.
         The application does not meet criteria for developing or iconic event.
         Environment Southland is no longer running this event after a decade.
         Number of competitors in 2013 was only 375, but organisers asking for a large amount.
         As regards the naming rights, this is something we could possibly look at corporate wide, as this does not come within the auspice of this Committee.
         Environment Southland ran this event because it was on their land.
         There may be other areas in Council that could look to fund this, ie the Family Friendly Committee, or possible corporate sponsorship.
         The applicant is not looking for any other funders.
         Sport Southland staying away from CTOS and ILT funders.
         Nigel felt this type of event was a growing market.
         Rex said it doesn’t fit criteria, despite being a good event.
         Active Communities does not cover this type of event.
         There are a lot of triathlons in the community; it is not filling a gap for this type of event.
         This event appeals to a wider range of people and levels of fitness.
         Ange felt the applicant could go to other community funders; it was a good community project.

        Moved Cr Kett, seconded Cr Ludlow and RESOLVED that the application be declined as it does not meet the criteria for the Iconic Events Fund or Event Development Fund which are as follows:

        (1) Invercargill City Council Iconic Events Fund

        Council approves $100,000 per annum to be available for allocations to events that –

         Generate significant direct economic, community and lifestyle benefits to Invercargill.
         Attract a significant proportion of participants/spectators from outside of the city.
         Has a high profile outside of the city.

        (2) Invercargill City Council Event Development Fund

        Council approves $100,000 per annum to be available for allocation to events that –

         Are new events (1-3 years old) and require initial catalyst funding support.
         Are one off events that bring economic and community benefit to the city.
         Assist in increasing the profile of the city and benefit residents.

        The Committee also made the following points in relation to this application:

         The ICC Event Fund does not have funds available for naming rights.
         Other funders and sponsors combined have only been asked to contribute $2,000 and there is no mention in the budget of who the other sponsors are.
         No mention in budget of who the other sponsors are.
         It was felt that it was not this Committee’s role to pick up where other funders/Councils decide not to fund.
         It was suggested by Cr Ludlow that this event may fit within the Family Friendly Committee’s role, and the applicant is welcome to contact Darren to discuss further.

  3. Kylie December 2, 2015 at 10:44 pm #

    THANK YOU! As an aside, I find the comment that Sport Southland are staying away from CTOS and ILT is interesting

    • Realist December 3, 2015 at 8:01 pm #

      There was an urgent business item in F&P on the 1st, just a report from the Events Committee

      6.1 Events Committee Report
      Cr Thomas asked if the Events Committee Report came to this Committee.
      Cr Ludlow said the Events Committee Report went to full Council. The
      Committee met every six weeks.
      Cr Thomas said the recent event that was held by the Southland Rugby
      Supporters Club was portrayed as being a Council event because Council
      underwrote it for $20,000. He asked if the Committee received the financials for
      that event.
      Cr Ludlow confirmed that the Committee had seen the financials for this event.
      Cr Boniface said it was not a direct community event all the same and maybe it
      did not come off as well as it was expected. He was more concerned about
      other events that had a commercial aspect to them. He asked if the Events
      Committee had a Policy or were events looked at on a case by case basis.
      Cr Ludlow confirmed that the Committee had a Policy and there were some Key
      Performance Indicators that applications needed to meet.

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