Debt Ridden

22 Oct

It has been pointed out to me that there is an extraordinary meeting today at ICC.

debt riddenOur already over-extended, debt-ridden ICHL have a Major Transaction Approval request.  Let’s hope it isn’t going to cost us anything.

Tuesday’s public excluded session is also a worry

fearEither one of those should instill fear into us all.  I expect to see an agenda change for Tuesday’s meeting though as they will want to ratify (rubberstamp) the extraordinary meeting decisions before anything leaks out.  I am such a cynic.

It has been along time since I read a council agenda but it is nice to see an improvement…declaring ‘urgent items’ at the start of the meeting.  A resolution endorsing them (along with reasons) would be better of course!



One Response to “Debt Ridden”

  1. Realist October 27, 2015 at 4:10 pm #

    You are correct re the urgent items,

    If they are only discussion points then they can be added without resolution but none of them can have resolutions passed, decisions or recommendations made (which worries me about the 2 under public exclusion)

    Further to that however the minutes from that meeting shows clearly that recommendations would be consider relating to the lighting aspects, that should not have happened as there was no resolution to accept the items nor were the requirements of 46(a) 7 followed.

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