The Wheels Turn Slowly

16 Apr

I have been waiting for my letter to the editor to be published.  It has been nearly two weeks.  Given it had questions directed at council I knew it would take some time.  The issue has died in the public arena (a concern in itself).  I will not comment more on the questions I asked because the whole reason I have been quiet on the Kakapo unit is because I did not have all the information.  I do not like to form opinions or views until I have facts.  Assumptions piss me off.  Those comments of course refer to the process.  With regard to the unit and its cost – I do NOT agree.  It is an excessive amount of money and the ones funding it will not benefit (possibly they would keep on paying for it).

The process concerns me and I am waiting with bated breath.  More and more I am reminded of what I am passionate about.  Process.  Process is the result of years of consultation and legislative change.  Process comes from ‘what went wrong?’ situations.  The day after hearing of a process that was ignored (won’t elaborate at present) I am still feeling sick to the stomach.  I am not using those words in a general term.  I woke up this morning with a sick feeling and the issue was the first thing that came to mind.   People around me will say ‘get over it’,  ‘forget about it’.  Right or wrong, that is not how my brain works.  BTW, I do not see it as wrong – that is how I judge what is important to me.



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