Terrorists Defined

13 Jan

From today’s letters to the editor

I don’t mean to be callous but I still haven’t forgotten France’s terrorism in New Zealand 30 years ago – and that incident wasn’t for religious reasons.

If France has had its first terrorism as such, they introduced it to us long, long ago.

I totally agree!  France is high on my blacklist.


One Response to “Terrorists Defined”

  1. Philip T January 13, 2015 at 11:38 pm #

    People should keep in mind that most of the things going wrong in the world is driven by a very few people. The people on the street are all after one thing and that is to be able to have a decent job, be able to provide for their families and enjoy some pastimes. However the leadership is driven by those obsessed with power and often unable to see what is best for those they represent.
    I have visited France several times and enjoy the people and the country. They have a strong culture and a good standard of living. Most would know nothing about the Rainbow Warrior and have little interest in NZ apart from sport.
    Its so frustrating to see powerful people happy to cling to power and sacrifice their peoples lives for their own interests. North Korea, Syria, Russia and many other places are examples of how little mankind has really progressed when it comes to human rights.
    But the approach of the leadership is rarely supported by the population.

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