Core Services?

29 Nov

How things change once elected.

How is spending $425,000 on a bird cage, that will be predominantly empty, any different than $115,000 on a yacht race?  As they both stand, they will probably attract the same number of tourists. Bugger all. If done properly the A2B race could well be a Burt Munro experience on sea.  I doubt an empty aviary (I am being intentionally simplistic…) will do that no matter how well it is done.

It is not the job of ICC to fund this project (or the A2B).  By all means have it at the museum, allocate them space but do NOT fund it.  Those committed have a year to apply for funds, get sponsors, receive donations and fund their own pet projects.  With 24947 rateable properties it equates to $17 per property.  If I want to donate $17 I will….but don’t force me (and every other bugger) to.


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