Waiting Game? Yeah, Nah.

31 Oct

I didn’t submit on the Club Hotel being properly listed.  I would agree with Heritage NZ here.

Howard said even if the hotel was recognised as a historic place, Heritage New Zealand would not have any control over whether it is demolished or not.

“It’s protected by the district plan, they’d still need consent from the council to alter or demolish,” he said.

They (Heritage NZ) look to be another group clipping the ticket along the way.  I believe there is a place for history but too much importance is placed on Heritage NZ.  Their ‘preferred provider’ arrangements look ‘iffy’.  They have managed to manipulate the system to think they have an important role to play and somehow our society has fallen for the rhetoric.  Of course there should be some protection (it is called the District Plan) but it should not be beholden to a bunch of pencil pushers that are keeping themselves in a job.  To be taken seriously they need to serve a purpose.  Why waste time and money going through the process of listing the Club?  The Club Hotel is already protected by the District Plan yet virtually nothing else in Bluff is.  Old oyster wharf – nope.  Post Office – nope.  Waddel House – nope.  I have an 85 + page report – the Club is the only property in it that is protected.  The report is from an era when Jan ‘full of shit’ Mitchell was on the community board and a member of (and still is a member of) the Bluff History Group.  Where has the History Group, community board and council (they got the report done) been?  They could of put many of these historic places in the District Plan or submitted on the recent District Plan review to have them added.  Everyone has sat idle.  None of these groups have shown any duty of care toward the history of Bluff. Ex NZ Historic Places Trust (now Heritage NZ) are not the ones who decide on what is in our District Plan.  Our community creates our District Plan.


2 Responses to “Waiting Game? Yeah, Nah.”

  1. Philip T October 31, 2014 at 11:29 am #

    Wouldn’t it be good to see all parties working toward an acceptable outcome for once rather than thinking of the barriers they can put in peoples ways.
    At this stage we have a group prepared to purchase the property which is step one.
    The only thing going for the building is appearance which is the frontage so would be great to see that preserved if possible. Thomas Greene in Gore is one example of that being done well but is it affordable?
    It would have been great for the $115K wasted on the yacht race to have gone as a contribution to retaining the frontage as the appearance could be considered a community asset.
    Councils are going to bog down in consultation and worrying about earthquakes etc and we are going to enter an era of inertia when it comes to anything outside the norm. Its just to hard for them. Build a big concrete panel building with no defining features will be easy but looking to retain either all or even part of a heritage building will just be to complex. In a few years we will wonder where its all gone but in the meantime we just have paper shufflers who can only thing something might come back to bite them if they make a decision

    • Kylie October 31, 2014 at 1:33 pm #

      Heritage NZ have been offered the place for retention. Money where you mouth is people!!!! No. Oyster fest have no plans to demolish to my knowledge. Nothing has been decided …..we’ve got a festival to run. If anyone has an idea (and the ability to achieve and fund it) contact details are on our website. It looks like we have 5 years before we are forced to do something. For now…tidy and safe is the most that can be expected.

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