28 Oct

Some more comment from our guest poster:-)

‘Let’s see it for what it was’

The Southland Times goes some way to exposing the culture of greed and self importance that is ripping the very guts of our city.
You may wonder why anyone could say that but look at the facts and think about the why.
The number one fact was that council had a meeting and came to a conclusion. That does and should happen all the time. However after the meeting Dennis decided to launch an abusive tirade at a fellow councillor after a collective decision had been arrived at. That should send alarm bells ringing all the way to the seat of democracy in Wellington. Why because councillors should have the interests of the ratepayers and democracy at the forefront of any thinking. His attack was not on process of the fact the meeting papers were flawed, nor that an independent lawyer had said their was considerable risk legally. No it was just because it was not the outcome he wanted regardless of any normal consideration.
The next thing that again should be noted was that this tirade laced with the c and f words was done in front of many others who failed to step up and say enough is enough. This would indicate the bullying has reached the stage where people are fearful or the fact they found it acceptable.
Then the Mayor makes his usual dumb quote. I am sure all councillors are passionately working for the good of the city. Hand on the meeting was nothing to do with the good of the city and all about the directorship of Holdco. Again if he feels such behaviour is acceptable we are in a serious state of affairs. He talks about engagement but lets people openly abuse others who have a differing point of view. Points more to his feeling of the need to hand onto being Mayor without caring about the who or where.
Then we get down to the Chairman of Holdco who was also present and did nothing. Oh its a bit like a rugby club is all he could manage. Well for a start bullies never last long in rugby and secondly while we are love the game of rugby are these people getting paid all this money because they don’t understand the  collective responsibilities of either boards or councils.
Seriously our city is in the s#@t. Drive through town and see the shop fronts empty. Think about why when anyone talks about anything the councils response is we have no money yet highly paid lawyers seem to be no problem bringing to town. Think about why when a person who gets $45K per year from his association with Holdco can completely lose the plot and scream and shout yet when council says they cant find $50K a year to keep playgrounds maintained he says nothing.
The worst part of the who fiasco is the fact that Dennis is chair of the ILT. The ILT has an extremely privileged position of responsibility in our city and must be seen to be always be above reproach. If bullying behaviour is acceptable to their board it is serious and begs some serious questions.
The only glimmer of hope is that this may finally be the catalyst for change and perhaps a new era of integrity, honesty and engagement that will take over from the present era of self interest, apathy and fear of the bullies.
I should also highlight a great letter from Alan Swallow in today’s paper

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