Sights You See…

1 Sep

…When you haven’t got a camera.  After passing an Opus vehicle parked across from the Service Centre (the work in progress one) I then had to wait (complete standstill) while a truck and trailer entered the Ravensdown shed.  I was one of four vehicles waiting and a child on a scooter.  The child was the impatient type and continued to move toward the rear of the trailer as it entered the building.  Once a foot of footpath was free the child passed behind the truck.  It is fortunate the truck didn’t back up to straighten his trailer (which is why he was ‘parked’ across the road and footpath).  Instead of widening our road, Ravensdown should consider making the building suitable for its use.  It is far from suitable as it is and while they are at it they could install a wheel wash.

My kingdom for a governing body…or anyone with some testicular fortitude.

BTW – your Board meet tonight at the Senior Citizens Rooms (7pm) to discuss rocks.


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