Since I’m Not Using The Blog…

27 Aug

…Someone else can benefit from using it.  I do however wonder if this is the stuff that caused the stench in Bluff…bags of lime too…who owns the oyster grit plant now?   Lol,  Bluff is such a ‘connected’ little town

Hi Everyone,

This has been  promoted on the FB page as well….this is a fundraiser for Bluff 2024

Bluff 2024 Urban Rejuvenation is having a fundraiser, and you are invited to join in and in the process get some of the best organic fertiliser for your garden! I already have mine (you will want to dig it in fairly promptly, as it has a distinctive odour. It also has worms in it, and all the trace elements and minerals from the sea that your soil may be needing!

Fish Guts Fertiliser for your vege patch Now is a great time to add some organic fertiliser to your garden beds! I have already dug in mine – Fish Guts Fertilizer from Bluff. You will have the biggest, healthiest leafy vegetables this year, and with smaller doses your tomatoes and runner beans will leap out of the ground. You can get yours on Saturday 30th August, 10 am to 3.30pm, at the farm, on Bluff Highway, 1.6km south of Omaui Road, or 1.4km north of the Greenpoint Cemetary. $80 per 1m3 scoop, enough to fill the average trailer. Bags of Ocean Shell Lime available as well! A share of the price is being donated to Bluff 2024 Rejuvenation Trust.


I’m told the link from Bluff 2024 doesn’t work so here is one to Bluff Sand Supply


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