Hello Strangers

1 Aug

Life has been far too challenging to worry about blogging.  My life consists of acronyms and conditions that require attention, ASD, CAFS, GSE, ORRS, Aspergers, pica, depression and then, some self righteous busy body has decided my non compliance is of concern to them.  They were so concerned that they went to the Police rather than drop a note in my letterbox or say something to me.  They will now have to continue to look at my rotting window because the money I had saved for replacing the window will now go to the government.  But thankfully that one person will feel better.

Anyway, my blogging has at least ensured that ICC have uploaded tabled items to the website.  It must be just to please me though because it is a half ass job.  They have not gone back and uploaded those they missed.  For Bluff we have Site 1 and Site 2 (no indication of what they relate to but Charlie tells me it is the walking track).  The Tabled Zip Line Plan and the Chairperson’s report that should have been in the agenda all along (lazy or dis-organised is not a reason under LGOIMA to not include it with the agenda).

Bitchell continues to have an opinion and share info when she failed so miserably as an elected member.  She even DARES to comment on an item not being on the agenda!!!……………..we had two terms of her doing it when she was Chairperson……OMG, FFS, she must suffer from delusions.

I have three kids at home and need to get focussed so I leave you all for now.   I do want to highlight the Safer Invercargill sub-committee minutes (in Community Services agenda ).  Three members present and six apologies…?


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