Thinking Inside Of The Box

24 Jul

So the Bluff Service Centre will be about $170,000 (….cue Tui billboard)

The accepted tender for earthquake strengthening of the Bluff Service Centre is from Amalgamated Builders Ltd for an amount of $157,738.  With other associated works such as installation of a new water connection to the fire sprinkler system, the total cost is expected to be $170,000. 

We are awaiting an updated work schedule from ABL to know when the work will be completed.  This information may be one to two weeks away.

I had also asked about tender advertising.

The tender was not advertised, it was a selected tender to four potential tenderers and they received it on Tuesday 27 May 2014

 The tender closed at 4 pm on Tuesday 10 June

 Two tenderers submitted tenders and two declined to provide tenders.

I asked a while ago and had forgotten to post it when it came through but really…I just don’t care…because this is what I would prefer

Spaital_Retail Enviroments_Chch_02

Can be scaled down a little for Bluff and use some of the space for council business.  Hmmmm….best I bite my tongue now….I have a ‘think big’ vision for the area…



One Response to “Thinking Inside Of The Box”

  1. L Bell July 30, 2014 at 3:34 pm #

    You are so on the mark Kylie, I too share your vision
    How hard can it be …this s a no brainer, how the containers suit Bluff and other businesses would be attracted giving all those visitors a reason to stop
    Isn,t that what everyone wants.
    It is not too late


    + ,

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