A.K.A. Rose

18 Jul

Today’s letters had one from those rose tinted glasses types (underlining my emphasis)

Steel’s stellar season

What a great season Steel had. Sure there were some lows but the highs were great! Beating Vixens and Thunderbirds stand out for me.

It looks like we will have a pretty competitive team back. Thanks Phillipa –we will miss you dearly but totally understand your reasons for leaving us.

This is where I hope the Steel board get proactive and recruit a young up-and-coming centre. Let’s not be like a flock of sheep and recruit older or overseas players. We need to nurture local talent in New Zealand for the good of the game.

Also to Janet Horrell and Louis Crimp – get a life! If that is all that is worrying you in your life you are very lucky.

Just enjoy our beautiful stadium and be proud like me.

LYNNE THOMS Invercargill

Maybe it was a great season (I wouldn’t know – I don’t like netball) but does that mean you shouldn’t question or have an opinion?  Hell no!  Louis Crimp has every right to complain.  They reneged on a promise, just because they found a loophole it doesn’t mean it is right.  And given the trust plan to gift to $43M stadium to the ratepayers maybe there should be some more transparency and honesty involved.

Just because you are happy with an outcome it doesn’t mean the process is right and we should all question process if people have been hard done by.


3 Responses to “A.K.A. Rose”

  1. Philip T July 18, 2014 at 5:56 pm #

    I would think anyone who gets to use the stadium would be thankful that Louis Crimp has given the biggest donation from a single donor. By miles. I would also think by doing that has the right to comment about the stadium. Lynne should show a little more respect rather than taking the rather selfish approach she has. Perhaps she could tell us all what contribution she has made.
    I am still waiting to see what the stadium does to show their appreciation to Louis. Shadbolt gets a stand named after him yet has done nothing nor contributed nothing so someone giving a couple of million should get something big named after him.

  2. Ewenme July 18, 2014 at 6:31 pm #

    This letter serves to prove that some of the silly old farts out at the netball games are only good for wearing their stupid blue wigs, ridiculous getups and banging their thunder sticks. Wouldn’t know the time of day if they had fifteen wristwatches!! Have to keep an eye on the list of subscribers to the tin rattling and see if this Thoms female comes up with a donation to equal Lou’s 2M. Wonder what she’s proud of – obviously knows nothing about the financial bungling over the whole sorry Stadium saga.
    It’s common knowledge too that Alan Dennis is not a fan of Louis Crimp and as long as people like him are involved with ILT they will be stuck with their tunnel vision forever and a day.

    • Philip T July 18, 2014 at 9:12 pm #

      At the end of the day Louis is a self made, extremely successful business person. Dennis is an ex school teacher who has managed to worm his way onto the old boys gravy train and has achieved nothing like Louis has. They take his money but get precious about acknowledging the actual worth and rather try to make out they personally are giving far more money that comes from the organisations they represent.

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