Good Points Raised

15 Jul

The letter in today’s paper does raise some interesting points.  One thing (well two probably) that does come to mind is what the purpose of Stags Promotions Ltd is?  It does not seem to have money hidden in it but why do you maintain a company unless it serves a purpose?  What is its purpose?  The cynic in me assumes subterfuge is involved.  I would have assumed that was for the professional game.

Another aspect of the rugby arrangement is the fact that the amateur and professional game are run under one organisation.  Gaming machine funding is not, by law, allowed to be given for professional sports.  ILT Foundation funnel $340,000 into Rugby Southland each year.  The amateur expenses are declared as less than $200,000.  The ‘administration’ category is the one that swallows up a significant amount (way less than the $1.3M of the senior squad) .  They will no doubt claim that is where the funds are going.  I personally would like to see the professional game totally separate.

As a total novice in the ways of rugby ranking and the like, the suggestions made in today’s letter seems to make some sense.  When you are facing a mortgagee sale, you would not be off shopping at Country Road.  You’d be shopping at The Warehouse (or just not shopping) – deal with it!


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