Nothing Is What It Seems

19 Jun

So the Flat Hill Wind Farm is going to go ahead.  The propaganda and bullshit around clean green non fossil fuel energy aside.  I do wonder if this statement doesn’t have more going on behind the scenes.

The Alexandra-based company purchased the rights to the wind farm from Energy3 last year and plans to develop the eight-turbine facility, about 3km west of Bluff.

It was Warren McNabb, then director of Flat Hill Wind Farm, that was being so helpful and answering questions and providing info on the blog back when the consent was being processed.  Companies office show that he is all over this and he seems to be a director at some time with every company that is involved with the Bluff wind farm.  He became a director of Pioneer Generation in July 2013 then by October he has ceased as a director with Flat Hill Wind Farm Ltd.  Two weeks later Pioneer take over as shareholder.  I’m a skeptic.  All the prattle and promises are irrelevant in these sorts of deals so I wonder why they bother courting communities and making promises.  “We specialise in small scale wind farms”, “we will support the Bluff community by …”  Oh, but we may sell of the consent to a bigger company.  Even if Pioneer is owned by the Central Lakes Trust, it doesn’t mean the directors of the tax exempt Pioneer aren’t fat cats in disguise.

And don’t bother trying to tell me wind power is good and green etc…I used to believe that too (until I did the research).  And wind farms have not resulted in any other power generation plant production to cease or reduce.

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