Fact Checking Required

18 Jun

Nicci McDougall can be excused for thinking Nigel Skelt is a Committee member of the Events’ Committee.  Skelt himself thinks he has rights to question (and lecture).  Skelt is merely part of the Advisory Group.  Standing Orders does not allow him to question someone who speaks to the meeting.  It is akin to Dean Johnston asking questions whenever someone speaks to full council.  Richard King was also espousing his views (and arrogance).  What was very noticeable was that those present did not have the right mindset to process the delegation made to the meeting.  Transparency is more than ticking boxes, you need to commit to it.

The whole Events’ Committee arrangement is hard for me to process.  I don’t have time to look up who is on the panel but from the faces I could recognise and the minutes in front of me, there is –

Kate Feaver: IVEM/Civic Theatre
Liz Williams: Venture Southland
Nigel Skelt: Stadium Southland
Angela Newell: Venture Southland/ILT/Shakespeare In The ParkRex Capil: Venture Southland

A pool of people who will have bias for various groups and events.  These are the people making recommendations on event funding.  Seems rather cosy to me.


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