Sunday Reading

8 Jun

The responses to submissions on the Draft Annual Plan are part of the Extraordinary meeting agenda along with the ‘new and improved’ Venture Southland agreement.  I am pleased with the amount of ‘Council declines…’ responses.  Not happy that they are suggesting more information on the $498,000 seed funding for South Alive’s retrofit eco housing.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  Retrofitting is old news and done by a variety of organisations and South Alive and Venture Southland should stop trying to be something they are not.

Venture Southland are have a change around and getting an Advisory Sub Committee with up to sixteen members including two non elected persons appointed by ICC and two from SDC.  The two appointed by ICC will be names familiar to us all.  Given elected representatives are paid extra by authority of the Remuneration Authority to be on VS, will they be paying the non-elected?  The Agreement also details the need for 18 months notice to disband Venture Southland.  I’ve only skim read it but I feel like it needs some more attention.


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