Something To Read In Front Of The Fire

6 Jun

There are many choices for something to read this weekend…

Two agenda for the District Plan

9 June and 10 June – both are at the Civic Theatre from 9am and open to the public.

And Venture Southland have their ‘annual plan’ out for public comment (until 20 June).

VS are calling it a Business Plan but I can’t honestly process VS as a business.  Would they survive in the real world with 30 staff and no tangible outcomes? I doubt it.  Without ratepayer support they would not and could not exist.  I do not and can not  consider them a business in any way.  They are public servants and they may need to remember that the next time they want to plan another jaunt.

They present Major Initiatives to us this time.

The plan highlights five priority project areas: the dairy sector, international marketing alliances, rural community engagement, events promotion and development, and land-use opportunities.

International education, migrant support, an ageing population and helping to create the right environment for job creation in Southland were some key issues in the coming year, he said.   

“We’re looking at regional and international links to attract business investment in Southland.” 

And it looks like we should become more fluent in Chinese

Developing long-term relationships with China (areas of focus are Shanghai and Guangzhou) in partnership with Education NZ.


One Response to “Something To Read In Front Of The Fire”

  1. Philip T June 6, 2014 at 5:35 pm #

    Quite right it is not a business plan. If it was it would have measurable outcomes and returns. If you look at the wording its about saying you will do lots but why or what for is a bit lost. How do you measure developing a relationship? If you don’t know why even bother. However the rush for councillors to get on the junket excludes taking people who may actually want to develop business.
    Much could be done to put in expected outcomes and measures but the whole plan looks to have been written my a master politician. Plenty of words but no substance. Bit like the A2B Business plan which should have just read. I Muzza need some spending money. Instead we had to think the $115K was for something else

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