Too Much Thinking

29 May

I was told yesterday that I over think things.  Is that a bad thing?  Surely if you are prepared for the worst (or everything) then anything less is not an issue…?

I don’t know Gloria Davis, but my inclination to ‘over-think’ had me question some of my friends (spouses of fishermen) on the day Gloria Davis was charged.

And Davis herself deserves the last word for the message she took to the courthouse steps afterwards. Hers was a plea for other spouses serving as directors of family owned companies. When you have no control over the farm, or the boat, or the business, you should remove yourself from the directors’ role.

I also question if only ‘family owned companies’ need to consider those words.  Even if an organisation is LTD, does that protect you from a negligence charge or similar and the sole draining court case that would ensue?   It just means they can’t take your personal property doesn’t it?  Food for thought for my over thinking mind.


One Response to “Too Much Thinking”

  1. Philip.T May 29, 2014 at 8:51 am #

    Modern society suffers from to many people who don’t think for themselves.
    My thinking on this case is that the court was absolutely right in making a decision around directors responsibilities but what makes me very cynical is this lady was a director for the reason of running a family business and probably never once thought about all that entailed. Yet in the case of Pike River the directors were all professional directors who were receiving monthly reports yet no one will ever be held to account for the disaster they should have seen coming. The lack of integrity in the justice system is of concern and it seems NZ is now a country where you can buy your way out of having to face the full weight of the law. Being a judge cant be easy nowadays.

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