That Is How It Is Done

11 May

When I owned a dog I didn’t actively pay the fee as I am a proponent of owner licensing.  Dogs generally don’t know the rules so I don’t see the sense in having them licensed.  Owners are the ones with the responsibilities.  Every 3 or 4 years they would fine me but it would work out the same as if I had paid it each year so it was financially neutral and held my oppositional stance which made me feel better.   It seems like society is finally catching up with me.  I must say though, when I read the ICC Responsible Dog Owner fee suggested in the DAP I didn’t make any association.  I have now read this and realised what ICC were attempting (with a $60 fee).  Auckland Council however have a key difference – it doesn’t seem to be about generating money – it’s free.

Unless the whole system is overhauled and only owners are registered they will need a voluntary system to be taken up by the community.  Charging $60 is not the way to sell it to people as a responsible choice.


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