Coolest Feature Yet

25 Apr

Google maps have now included the ability to look at historic images.  See Christchurch now then check it out pre-earthquake….WOW!

It is utilising images from Googles 2007-now archives but imagine if they could start incorporating stills?  I could spend hours travelling the world and through time.  Images from 2007 may not seem significant but we live in a fast moving and ever changing world (maybe not Invercargill as such).

As I said pre-earthquake in Christchurch, the rise of the Freedom Tower, condos in Toronto, or how Tohoku, Japan looked before and after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake.  What about New Orleans?  Or Fukushima, Japan?  Want to see the construction of the World Cup stadium in Brazil?  A lot has happened in 7 years…

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