Grab Your Pitchforks And Torches

13 Apr

They are rallying around and gathering up a lynch mob again over the Bluff Yacht Club ramp.  South Port and Environment Southland are again to be targeted along with ICC.

The Bluff Community Board’s chairman’s report in the minutes has this

The Chairperson had met earlier with the Maritime Museum and discussions
were held around the Yacht Club ramp that the recreational fishermen used.
Both sides of the ramp had become very dangerous and it would be closed off
to the public even though it was the most convenient piece of ramp in Bluff
because the other one was a bit shallower. He said Mr King was at the meeting
and he would be looking at including it in the Council Draft Annual Plan and
Neville Cook on behalf of Environment Southland would also be looking into it.
It was all about funding to repair it and both parties would be looking into it and
come back to the Board with a resolution. He said as a Board it would be
beneficial to send a letter to say that it was well used ramp and generated a lot
of public using it as well as attracting people to Bluff. The letter would be sent
to Environment Southland and the Invercargill City Council outlining the Board’s
concerns on this matter.

A few comments regarding this.  The chairperson appointed himself to the Maritime Museum Trust in November last year so meeting with them is a bizarre comment.  WTF has the ramp got to do with the Maritime Museum?  Is is theirs?  The same sentence claims it is the Yacht Club’s.  Mr King is also a Trustee of the museum (appointed by council).  Neville Cook is appointed by Environment Southland to the Museum.  I do reiterate though, WTF has the ramp got to do with the Maritime Museum?  Are they going to contribute the $10,000 they take every year from the Bluff ratepayers to this case?  If not, shut up and stay out of it.

If I allow the public to ride motocross in my yard, is it any councils responsibility to fund maintenance of my yard?  No.  Charge a toll, stand there in the weekend a do some fundraising from the users.  At a minimum, offer up the cost, how much the Yacht Club will be funding, what you’ve done to make users pay and then come knocking on the door of ratepayers.  Hasn’t this already been discussed and declined in the past?

One Response to “Grab Your Pitchforks And Torches”

  1. David Henigan April 15, 2014 at 10:57 am #

    While the slipway is on the table so to speak, perhaps BCB might also visit the area on a fine weekend and take note of the numerous illegally parked vehicles in its immediate vicinity, vehicles with trailers parked on public reserve land right outside and opposite almost , and then discuss signage , overview,and bylaw compliance, perhaps arranging for a Parking warden to issue some tickets a potential moneyspinner well overlooked or ignored in the past.

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