That Stench

31 Mar

Obviously I was one of the complaints to Environment Southland on Saturday.  Not much use whinging on Facebook and not to the organisation that can do something about it.  On Saturday the officer came to see me before making her enquiries.  On Sunday she called to check up if the smell was recurring and update me on the status of my complaint.  I have always liked that about ES.  As a general rule the will let you know what they have done with regard to the issue.

Environment Southland spokeswoman Adrienne Henderson said a compliance officer had gone to Bluff to investigate, after the council’s pollution hotline received multiple complaints.

The officer confirmed there was a “very bad” smell around Bluff, and tracked it down to a property about 5km away, she said.

Henderson was not able to confirm the source of the stench yesterday, but expected this information to be available today.

The next step would be for the compliance officer to put together a file on the odour and determine if the consent holder responsible for the odour would face further action, such as education or an enforcement notice, Henderson said.

I asked if it was burning carcasses (which I didn’t think it was) and she was able to confirm it wasn’t.  It seems a Bluff board member is guilty of that (that info did not come from the officer BTW) but given the officer’s evasiveness immediately afterward, I won’t be surprised if he is the still the culprit of the stench.  Time will tell.

The smell is understood to have been caused by fish guts being processed to be used as fertiliser.

Given the officer said that she was unable to prevent it on Saturday.  She said something to the effect, ‘if it had been from processing she could have shut it down’ .  It was a meat rendering smell as opposed to a seafood smell.  I don’t believe the fishmeal plant can be blamed on this occasion.


One Response to “That Stench”

  1. LUTONIAN March 31, 2014 at 7:11 pm #

    Obviously leaving to Bluff for the weekend was a wise move!

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