Sleeping Habits Aside

6 Mar

I don’t care about the ‘sex scandal’ but this is directly related to his role as an elected member.  Bylines like this won’t win over people

Mayor Brown refuses to supply budget information, as pledge to tighten belt in his second term is broken.

Nor do I believe this will be seen as acceptable by anyone

Mr Brown is proposing an overall increase in debt this year of $74 million.

This is largely thanks to the unbudgeted purchase of Colin Maiden Park for $60.7 million, approved weeks after he copped flak on the election hustings for soaring debt and hefty rate increases.

Consider how low the increase would have been without the park.

Mr Brown is proposing an overall rates increase of 2.4 per cent this year, but nowhere in any of his or the council’s information is there mention that the average household increase is 3.6 per cent.

The 3.6 per cent average increase for about 450,000 ratepayers has come about as a result of shifting $11.1 million of rates from business to household ratepayers. The average effect on business ratepayers is no increase.

While I appreciate the need to retain the park as a park, I would love to know why there were fears it would become housing and how the university came to the $60.7 million dollar price tag.  Not very community spirited of them.  I can see me googling this issue and wasting far too much time on it.


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