Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

21 Feb

Murray Francis and Phillip T have been having discussions.  Without tainting people’s minds before they read it themselves, I would like to ask why a person’s first name and initial of their surname is a pseudonym given I only use my first name?  And Murray, I doubt Sydney to Hobart are still promoting their race on their website as 9 February 2014.  The epitome of a professional and effective promoter?  I think not.

Peter Jackson’s jandals are endearing – images like the one below are not.

Nice, professional shot for your business website.

Nice, professional shot for your business website.


One Response to “Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry”

  1. Philip T February 21, 2014 at 4:36 pm #

    Hopefully people will take the time to read Murrays responses. As I have said in my opinion he is a con man, others may feel different. Why do I think that. If you read everything to date Murray has said all he has done is bluster and try to put down. At no time even though he has received well in excess of $100,000 of public monies does he fell the need to explain where it has gone. The con is the same as many use in that the council now feel obligated to keep feeding money in order to protect the original investment. Same as the gambler doubling up the bets.
    The talk about the Sydney Hobart race is part of the con as well. Associate yourself with something successful and make out you have the same thing ready to happen. He has no involvement in the Sydney race in the slightest but alludes to what it does for Hobart.
    The whole fiasco is flawed from the start. The ICC, SDC and Gore councils set up Venture to look after promotion opportunities and let the councils get on with their core business. Great idea but then we have those elected people who feel they are being left out of the exciting bits so start to duplicate things. This is where they get conned as it becomes about their egos rather than good governance. The reason its not being pushed by Venture is because they have to answer to someone for money spent. And have processes to show return on investment. Councillors have no such issues as they seem to be able to find funds from wherever when it suits. Being a past director in one of NZ’s top marketing companies I can say that no return will ever happen for Invercargill Ratepayers.
    The big issue is accountability. presently there is none and it is not in the interests of Murray to show there is.
    Don’t agree with me but please think about how you feel about your money being spent on such things. I can think of many local people who could do so much with that amount of money and it would benefit the locals. Yes I do tend to be a leftie but what relevance that has to this I can only wonder. All Murray will do is continue to put down those who question him and talk about negative people etc etc etc. All classic things con men do but that’s only my opinion

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