Talking Through A Hole In Their Heads

14 Feb

More honestly, I think Mitchell (Bluff 2024) and Fife are talking through a different hole (not in their heads).  Why is the 50 kmh sign placement worthy of newspaper space?  Lots of accidents or injuries there? No!  There is the ‘Bluff Est 1824’ sign, then the Bluff Promotions ‘Welocome to Bluff’ sign.  Any driver that doesn’t notice a town coming up shouldn’t be on the road.  I’m thinking the grandstanding is about something else…

We could lose shop fronts so our council can sell necklaces and other trinkets.  Another more central building is to be left empty…?  Or demolished…?  That should be of greater concern and worthy of newspaper space.  Blackwater Street is rutted and has debris from trucks.  Has there been any outcry to Transit over that?  Our main street is to be widened by 1.3 metres for a distance of 59 metres.  Any outcry over that?

If Bluff 2024 are so concerned about safety when entering Bluff, why are they adding another driver distraction that will have tourists wanting to take photos?  Bluff 2024 have suggested the word Bluff will be added to the rock face currently being exposed.  Bluff 2024 have ‘adopted’ that piece of highway.  It is a 100kmh area.  State highways over 50kmh are subject to strict restrictions relating to driver distraction.  Can you imagine the campervan tourists wanting to get a picture of the word BLUFF?  I wonder if they have been told they can’t put their ‘sign’ there.   Answer: change the speed limit.  Hey, but I’m a cynic…


2 Responses to “Talking Through A Hole In Their Heads”

  1. Philip.T February 14, 2014 at 9:14 am #

    Was an interesting article. Throughout NZ there are thousands of places where the speed limit changes from 100 to 50 Km/h. The criteria for a 70 km/h is usually because there is some build up of housing on one side of a road. not as a buffer speed zone. You can regulate for idiots, you just catch and fine them and if there was a problem the Police would be down there making money.
    I love the meetings over mowing berms. Instead of sending down 3 or 4 admin people to talk about it perhaps they should send one person just to do the bloody mowing. We are losing our grip on reality and just want to talk about things nowadays. Years ago the Bluff Town Council had its own little workforce and they did a good job. Amalgamation has done little for places like Bluff where all the rates now get sucked up in administration costs in Esk St and people on the ground doing actual work are scarcer than participants in the yacht race.

    • Kylie February 14, 2014 at 12:36 pm #

      I didn’t get round to reading that but here in Bluff we have the council tractor with mower attachment (and sometimes a smaller mower/tractor) doing reserves and parks etc. I then noticed another mower appeared (usually in weekends) on the back of a truck. I asked a council worker one day what the Zwiks (or Zwigs or something similar on truck) mower is for. He pointed out that he has the berm contract and the council mowers do the other parts. I remember years ago the council saying they were taking over the berm responsibility and therefore we all had to make sure they were tidy before they did. I’ll go and read it now but I fear my BP will

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