Tut, Tut

8 Feb

I enjoyed David Adamson’s telling off of The Southland Times.  It needs to be done more  I feel.  We, the Southland community, should chastise them more often for not following up (on so many issues) and keeping us informed.

We were disappointed to read the letter by A Bednar in Wednesday’s edition titled ‘‘Sewer Plan: What could go wrong’’ as we [the Southland District Council] were not given the opportunity by The Southland Times to reply to the letter.

Further, we were disappointed by the Times’ inclusion of a photo of Lake Manapouri with the caption ‘‘at risk from effluent pipeline.’’ This is clearly The Southland Times expressing an opinion on risk without any analysis.


3 Responses to “Tut, Tut”

  1. Philip.T February 8, 2014 at 8:52 am #

    Our local newspaper fails dismally at putting together anything substantial and factual. I thought things may have changed with the new editor but doesnt seem to have made any difference. It is a pity as the decline over the years has meant many people have switched off and many facts that should be in front of the public are not.
    In yesterdays paper there was a story about a Mr Giles in the west plains area talking about the road maintenance. He raised some valid points but the council employee just dismissed them as he has a habit of doing. A phone-call to any of the local gravel suppliers would have confirmed Mr Giles was quite correct in what he was saying and the council is using the cheapest product rather than the best.
    However the times is only interested in the headline and the guts of the story is irrelevant to them. I wish the ODT would put a daily newspaper with a southern section together.
    Another story that should be in the public is the rebuild of the Waikiwi Tavern. Is is in the wrong place and the trust knows this. However they are stuck with rebuilding there because of the pokie licence which cant be moved. In order to get frontage onto the North Road they have spend thousands on buying all the properties between their present location and the corner and putting them all on the one title. Now they can build on the North Road but at what cost. However without the pokies they cannot survive so they are stuck with that mentality. At the same time the waikiwi shopping centre is in decline and building there would kick start the whole area. Also mean the elderly in the many resthomes nearby could become patrons. Huge public interest story being completely overlooked but then advertising dollars perhaps come into play?

    • Abby February 8, 2014 at 11:59 am #

      The new editor starts on Monday.

      • Kylie February 8, 2014 at 12:15 pm #

        How exciting!!!!!

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