Who’s Talking Rubbish Then?

7 Feb

I finally got around to watching City Talk.  A caller, Ray I think, raised the issue of councillors feeding from the trough.  Boniface claimed that some have worked all day and then they have a four hour meeting and possibly a workshop.  He has forgotten some very relevant points.  Most workers don’t have their lunch bought for them.  Quite the opposite, they have half an hour unpaid to eat the lunch they must provide themselves.   Given the tax structure of local government representatives they can claim many costs they incur.   None of that is the reason I raise this though.

Boniface claimed that after a short meeting they had nibbles and sandwiches.  He went on to claim that after a long meeting they had a meal.  Ray, very astutely, pointed out ‘that lady’ put an end to meals and it was only sandwiches.  Boniface claimed no knowledge of that and continued to plead his and his fellow councillors need for a meal.

So Cllr Boniface are you saying Eirwen Tulett was misleading us, or was it the Southland Times, or did you all just not give a ^%$ because it was pure propaganda?


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