Yes Massa

4 Feb

During Winter I contacted NZTA about the kerbing outside Ravensdown.  They said in Summer it would be repaired.  It seems the new Board have asked Council to do a follow up now.

I have a few issues with this issue!  For starters, when did ICC staff become PA’s to the community board?  Board members receive ‘schedular payments’ from the Bluff ratepayers (via ICC) to represent US.   Their role is to ‘represent the needs of the community to the local authority’.  The ‘local authority’ in this case is NZTA so why the hell are ICC staff doing the work?  Will ICC staff represent the needs or views of the Bluff residents?  No.  They will relay information and then I suppose the board members will respond, through the ICC staff, and six weeks later we will get another snippet of information and so on.  Six months later we will get something that will probably never represent what the Bluff residents want (or need).

The next issue is the response

Council staff, as requested by the Board at its November 2013 meeting, have sought
feedback from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) on two issues relating to the state
highway. Mr Peter Robinson, Senior Network Manager Southland from the NZTA has
advised that the planned works in front of Ravensdown in Gore Street has been agreed and
this work is currently being planned to be undertaken between the next fertiliser shipments.
It is understood the turning area will be widened to stop the current issues of vehicles driving
over the adjacent grass.

The turning area will be widened?  Seriously?  Are they suggesting a bulbous lump in our straight road to accommodate fertiliser trucks?  They wouldn’t change the bulbous footpath kerbing on the Liffey Street corner for the fire brigade.  If the G.A.S. wants some more space for parking, will they be accommodated?  Ask and you’ll be given (if you’re a large fertiliser company obviously).  It must be the way it is…they have been operating without resource consent for a long time

We better see the Bluff residents be represented over this one!


One Response to “Yes Massa”

  1. LUTONIAN February 4, 2014 at 9:16 pm #

    As Ravensdown buggered the kerbing surely they should be liable.
    The I.C.C. should focus on other areas in Bluff that attract national/international attention and tidy up their property!

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