Let He Who Is Without Sin…

31 Jan

From the Invercargill Eye

The Invercargill City Council will begin clearing 55 overgrown sections in Bluff as part of its focus on urban rejuvenation. Council Environmental Health Services manager John Youngson said the council decided to focus on tidying the sections after it was revealed that 70 sections did not comply with the Untidy Sections part of the council’s Environmental Health Bylaw 2008. The council wrote to the section owners requesting they tidy them up but 55 did not respond. ‘‘The people of Bluff have pride in their urban environment and having a neighbour with an overgrown section is not only upsetting but there is also an environmental health risk with fire and pest concerns,’’ Mr Youngston said. The cleanup will begin in February and is expected to cost $73,000.

How convenient that I have the camera batteries charged up.  One in particular is across from the tip.  Mitchell (and my darling husband) felt ICC should clear the pine trees because you couldn’t see round the corner (you don’t need to if you are following the road rules!).  Anyway, long story short, the pine trees have been replaced by weeds and you still can’t see.  ICC owned land.

Urban rejuvenation is ICC manipulating the community to do their job for them and now they will try to score brownie points for cleaning up their own land.  How fortunate I am not so gullible.


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